1. We operate with a high level of integrity. Katharo Training Center is a professional Jiu Jitsu academy run by world class instructors.
  2. We offer curriculums to fit everyone’s needs and goals.
  3. We perform a personal martial arts assessment for every prospective student.
  4. We are a safe and family-friendly school.
  5. We help you push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.


You will be someone who is powerfully living life through mastering the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


  1. You will understand the concepts and practices of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  2. You will be skilled in executing movements for self-defense and grappling.
  3. You will be unstoppable with confidence, respect, self-discipline, and control.
  4. You will become more toned, develop muscle groups, lose fat, and gain flexibility.
  5. You will join a supportive community that exists to empower each other.


If you answered “yes”, GREAT. The first step is easy: just register for your free intro class.

If you’re still not sure, that’s OK too! Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re happy to address any and all questions or concerns. You can reach us by filling out the contact form on this page or calling the academy at 303.932.1202.

Brazilian Martial Arts Right Here At Home

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Littleton is like a cool glass of water on a hot day—it has been truly refreshing, both for the local community members who attend the classes and for the area as a whole. More BJJ students means more local people who are participating in a mindful practice that brings peace and balance to their lives. How could it not affect all those around them? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu helps people walk a little taller, feel better inside and out, and build confidence in themselves. And the community outreach seminars have been very well received, with the dojo bringing teachings about anti-bullying techniques and self-defense strategies to select area locations.