Youth Program:

Our youth program is centered around Gracie Self-Defense and the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu. Our coaches and professors are here to develop the youth into disciplined and confident leaders in order for them to make a dynamic transition into competition and/or the adult program.

Youth Competition Training:

Just as the adults have a want to compete, many of our youth do as well.  Here, we provide a safe structure for them to grow and become confident in a fast paced environment.  We offer a fast paced class that is geared towards supporting our youth in sparring and competition-like situations.

Denver Jiu Jitsu Youth Training

One cannot underestimate the value of beginning martial arts training at a young age. Like any complex skill, jiu jitsu takes a good deal of patience as its students must be steadfast in its learning. Regardless of one’s innate ability, even if one has previous martial arts experience, truly learning jiu jitsu simply takes time. What a difference learning Denver jiu jitsu while young can make! Not only does one have so much more time to incorporate the necessary skills and knowledge, but when one is young it is usually so much easier to learn something new, and for most, something so pleasantly challenging. Don’t let time slip away.