It is an all too common problem that many of us are familiar with: bullying and its terrible after effects. Certainly there is much we, as parents, can do to prevent and help overcome bullying, at least to a degree. But the honest question must be asked: what can we do when an adult is not there or a bully simply doesn’t care about your anti-bullying efforts? What if there is more than bullying words and actual force is being used? Can your child protect himself or herself? It is an uncomfortable question to ask ourselves, but a necessary one. The reality is that a kid that shows himself or herself to be immune to such attacks is most able to stop bullying in Denver.

Self Defense that’s Safe

Clearly the safest way to stop bullying is to use the power of those in authority, such as teachers or coaches, the bully’s parents, or in talking to the bully yourself. If and when those efforts fail, or during initial encounters, are you concerned that your child can safely and effectively deal with a physical threat? Gracie Colorado teaches not only one of the most effective martial arts that are applicable in day-to-day reality, but instructs self defense in a safe manner. Brazilian jiu jitsu does not rely on punches or kicks, but rather on highly potent chokes and body locks that rapidly stop an attack and make the attacker realize that your child is bully proof.