Professor Scott Miller

Wrestling is in my blood. I started wrestling when I was six years old. I grew up going to many camps and seminars. I’ve trained under Olympic champions, National champions, and Black Belts.
In High school, I qualified multiple times for State and placed. In college, I qualified for the National Tournament both years I competed.

In 2008, I ended my wrestling career and moved to Colorado, where I immediately started training under UFC vet and Rigan Machado Black Belt, Brad Gumm. This is where jiu-jitsu became my new passion. I enjoy the discipline and confidence it gives me. I especially enjoy the artistic side of the sport.

I was awarded my Black Belt under Brad Gumm after five years of training and winning multiple tournaments at the Black Belt level. Challenging myself and learning the highest level of technique has always been my focus.

I started training at Katharo Jiu-Jitsu for that reason. I was immediately humbled and excited when I started training here. As a teacher, I run a drill-based class with an openness to creativity.

I’ve been instructing, mentoring, and coaching wrestling and jiu jitsu for 10 years now. I’m committed to sharing all my knowledge of grappling and helping students internalize that information. I want my students to maximize their human potential in every aspect of their lives. My future is becoming a more well rounded instructor and martial artist.

Off the mats, I enjoy motorcycle adventures, yoga, self development, and socializing.