Coach John Perez

My name is John Perez. My wife and I started training MMA with UFC veteran Brad Gumm . I competed in my first tournament after 6 months of training. After Brad retired we wanted to focus on the gentle art so we needed to find the best BJJ instructor in Colorado, which led us to Professor Steve Hordinski, III.

Family and Jiu JItsu are two of my true passions in life. I am a firm believer that technique and mat time are the keys to training! I enjoy all aspects of Martial Arts, MMA, and sport jiujitsu, but self-defense is my main focus. Here at Katharo I assist Professor Steve Hordinski with our fundamentals classes. I also help coach the Kid’s program as well as run the team’s Drill class on Sundays. If you are thinking of joining the gym and see me on the mats, stop by and say, Hello!