Coach Orlondo Coronado

Hi, I am Coach Orlondo. I have been training at Katharo Training Center under Professor Steve Hordinski III, since 2016. With a background in Wrestling, getting into Jiu-Jitsu was such an easy decision for me. Once I stepped on the mat for my 30-day trial back then, I knew I was “Back” and committed to the mats again. I literally signed up the very first day I was there, it was pretty exciting for me at the time. I am at the Academy a lot throughout the week and am usually one of the first people you will meet, at least I hope I am. You will usually run into me at the academy on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. I am extremely passionate about people being welcomed to the gym. I really want the reason you train to be the people and environment you are surrounded by. The Professors, coaches and I really work extremely hard at fostering that environment for you and all our students. We want to be the right fit for you and your Jiu-Jitsu, health, and lifestyle journey! I have been given the opportunity of teaching our Monday Positional training and drilling class at 715p. More importantly, I also get to be the Uke for Professor Steve for our Fundamentals curriculum on Tues/Thurs at 715. When you decide to stop in, please make sure you introduce yourself to me, let me show you around the gym and help get you started on the right foot!