Self Defense Classes Instill Confidence

Childhood is an adventurous time as kids learn to discover themselves and their place in the world. Unfortunately, the world isn’t always a friendly place. School yard bullies are a fact of life, and the truth is they don’t go away as you get older, but only morph into picky co-workers, colleagues, and even sometimes people who pretend to call you friend. Learning to stand up for yourself early is an important lesson in life. Thanks to Denver self defense classes, kids have the chance to not only learn simple but effective moves to defend themselves, but they also learn self-confidence and the resolution required to stand up for themselves and what they believe in.

Katharo Training Center teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes specifically designed for kids. More than just punching air and leveling kicking bags, Katharo Training Center students actually get to try their moves out while sparring safely with each other. This way they can better understand what they are capable of and what is required in an actual fight. This isn’t dance class. The training is hands-on while still maintaining proper safety guidelines. We make boredom obsolete by encouraging our students to safely practice their moves on each other in the presence of a trained instructor.

Kids Discover Themselves Through Jiu Jitsu

Learning to fight is only the beginning of self defense training. We also teach self-confidence as well as the strategies to avoid a fight in the first place. Children discover how to use their bodies and push their limits. Our school discourages violence. We teach simple techniques to gain control over your opponent. Most importantly, we teach safety. Our students are taught how to use each move safely as they come to understand the sheer force they are capable of.

Our martial arts training resonates beyond the playground and the school yard bully as children learn to believe in themselves and stand up for what is right. They learn to push themselves and what they are capable of. They learn discipline as well as respect for others, including their opponent. They learn not to strike out in rage, but purpose. They discover a level of self control that can have lasting positive impacts on their studies, their relationships, and indeed their very future.

Enroll in Katharo Martial Arts

Contact Katharo Training Center to discover the children’s programs we have available. We’ll teach your child how to defend themselves, but we’ll also teach them how to discover who they are as they learn a self confidence they never knew they had. More than just how to defend themselves from bullies, our students learn how to succeed at life itself.

Rear Naked Choke Can Be an Effective Denver Jiu Jitsu

One extremely effective self-defense maneuver in Jiu Jitsu is the rear naked choke. It’s a technique that is difficult to defend against and can be done without endangering yourself. Standing behind your opponent, wrap your right arm around the neck, with your elbow directly in front of the throat. Bending your arm, grab the shoulder. Next feed your left arm, palm up, under your right hand until you can grab onto your bicep. Stroke the hair of your opponent, grabbing onto their neck. Breathe in, expand your chest and flex your biceps, and instigate the choke. The move can be effective at gaining control over your opponent while minimizing risk to yourself.