A New Favorite Sweeps the Martial Arts World

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after martial arts in Littleton, CO… and around the world! But why are so many flocking to the sport? Here are some of the top reasons people are enjoying the study and practice of BJJ.

1. Replacing Fear with Strength and Stamina: Many people seek out martial arts practice to incorporate self defense into their lives, and all too often, this is in response to threatening situations in life, such as bullying. BJJ teaches even smaller fighters to overcome larger opponents, building strength and confidence and allowing fear to dissipate.

2. Balance and Flexibility: BJJ requires the use of balance through body and gravity awareness. Everyone will be challenged to heighten their senses and stretch their bodies in empowering ways.

3. Healthy Competition: The BJJ family is just that—a family, a community of people coming together to find healing and strength. In that light, no matter who wins or loses a sparring match, the community remains. Humility and strength go hand in hand!

4. Age Is No Issue: People from young children to older adults can participate in BJJ and find benefit from it, both health-wise and emotionally.

Come out and try some of our beginner classes and see how much this sport can transform your life.