What to Look for in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Instructor

Though much depends on the individual, the quality of Jiu Jitsu self defense classes in Denver ultimately comes down to the instructor. Some understand the true mind over body philosophy of martial arts; others are more reminiscent of the evil dojang leader in “The Karate Kid.” There are many traits to look for when it comes to a quality instructor. At Gracie Self Defense, we believe in them all. These are what we like to see in our own self defense instructors.

Total Lack of Ego

We all know the martial arts instructors who are too wrapped up in their own ego. They teach self defense classes with the assumption they are the greatest. Ego clouds their vision and ultimately makes them poor fighters. The best realize the difference between self confidence and ego. Gracie instructors realize they are no more important than the people they are teaching, only higher trained. Our instructors teach how to become better as a person, not better than other people. There is a key difference.

The Ability to Listen

A good martial arts instructor does more than just bark orders. They listen to the needs, fears and concerns of those they teach. They better understand what their students need to learn, simply by being open to input.

Passion for the Style

One of the most important traits to look for in a self defense instructor is passion. They have to love the style they are teaching and believe in its power to change and enhance lives. It’s the passion that is inspiring and that ultimately keeps students coming back. Instruction is one thing. Learning to love the discipline is truly an art.

Cohesive Teaching

A good Tae Kwon Do teacher teaches more than just kicks, blocks and maneuvers. They also teach about the emotional, psychological and philosophical aspects of self defense. This is more than just rote training, but a philosophy of mind and body. A good instructor teaches how to not only master the body, but the mind and the spirit. Otherwise, the training has no foundation.

The instructors at Katharo Training Center believe in the philosophy that guides marital arts. Our self defense classes focus more than just on kicks and moves, but the philosophy of self defense and how to improve the mind along with the body. We teach not only how to fight, but more important how to avoid a fight. Stop in and observe our Tae Kwon Do classes in Denver. We teach a core philosophy alongside our training that is just as important in a self defense encounter as a good block or choke hold.

Checklist for Choosing an MMA in Denver

When it comes to choosing a good martial arts school, there are a number of factors to consider that will greatly affect the quality of experience and training you receive. Even before you talk to anyone, first inspect the facilities. Are they well maintained, clean, in good repair? Next, talk to the instructors, particularly on their philosophies when it comes to martial arts. How are their personalities? Are they someone you’d enjoy learning from? How are their attitudes? This is one aspect where you just have to trust your instincts. Though actual style is always secondary to the quality of the instructors and the philosophies that guide the training itself, you still need to decide if the school’s particular style is right for you.