Katharo Training Center near Easton: We Help Kids Discover Their True Potential

Martial arts are unlike any other sport. Sports like baseball and football are played to be won. Jiu jitsu and other martial arts are all about conquering the self and pushing the boundaries of who you are. At Katharo Training Center’s Jiu Jitsu school, we believe that personal development is central to the study of martial arts. We are not just teaching kids how to fight. We are teaching them to be better human being and push their limits, as well as how to defend themselves. Let’s look at some of the intrinsic benefits our students gain at our martial arts school in Denver.

A Boost of Self Confidence

Studying martial arts can significantly improve kids’ self-confidence and self-worth. They learn to understand the true potential of their bodies and push their limits. They learn respect and how to look their opponent in the eye. They learn how to voice their concerns respectfully while standing up for themselves. Studying disciplines like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have helped shy kids discover their inner courage. If your child is being picked on or even just having trouble relating to others, martial arts can help them discover their voice and confidence.

Honing Discipline to Develop the Mind

Discipline is another developmental benefit to studying martial arts. A 2004 scientific study on ADD/ADHD revealed that regular practice of a self-defense markedly improved students’ grades and classroom participation. It showed benefits that simple exercise did not. This is because the study of martial arts is as much about philosophy and discipline as it is about training.

Stop in at Katharo Training Center and observe a class. Bring your child and have them meet an instructor. We teach more than just how to defend yourself at our dojang. We believe that the martial arts is as much about the mind as it is about the body. Let us help your child harvest their ultimate potential.

Warning Signs of a Bad Littleton Martial Arts School

Littleton has a wide selection of styles and options when it comes to martial arts, but like any other area you’ll find its pitfalls. What are the tell-tale warning signs of bad program? Start with the young. Observe the children in the program. Are they out of control? Or are they respectful for elders and adults, and more importantly do they support and help each other? What is the general length required for belt promotions? If it is too short, watch out. They may be more interested in swapping out your wardrobe than actually training you. Are injured students forced to work through the injury? That’s trouble. Also watch out for egos. Those should be checked at the door. Those who truly understand the arts of self-defense are deeply humble.