Helping Kids with Autism Succeed Through Martial Arts

It’s no surprise that kids who enroll in mma schools in Denver gain a lot when it comes to self-confidence and discipline, but did you know about the surprising benefits martial arts training has to children who have autism? One feature of autism is the need to perform repetitive movements. To learn a martial art, repeated movements are essential. An article in Psychology Today points out the surprising benefits kids martial arts classes have to those with autism. The article points to recent research by Fatimah Bahrami and colleagues at the University of Isfahan in Iran that showed kids with autism who studied a martial art had significantly reduced need for repetitive movements.

Other research from the University of Wisconsin showed that martial arts helped autistic kids come out of their shells and engage at socially higher levels. It helped them focus their attention better. Eye contact was improved. Play skills benefited.

Talk to Your Doctor, Talk to an Instructor

Before deciding if enrolling in Jiu Jitsu in Easton is right for your autistic child, talk to his or her doctor. Observe a class with your child at Katharo Training Center. Classes should be small and designed for an autistic child. You may want to arrange for a one on one class starting out, or perhaps a family class where other family members can get involved.

Above all, offer kind encouragement and go over the exercises at home in a safe environment where our child can better learn on their own. Have them demonstrate for siblings or other family members. This can have huge improvements on their self-esteem and ability to socially empathize.

Katharo Training Center’s Kids Martial Arts Classes

Katharo Training Center offers classes specifically designed for kids. Come in and talk to an instructor to see how we can help your child. Martial arts can help kids with autism relate and succeed in surprising ways. Let’s help your child build those connections.