Denver Kids Martial Arts Classes Teach Far More than Self Defense

As anyone who has seriously studied knows, self defense is only one of the many benefits to studying a martial art. Kids learn so much more than just “how to beat people up” when they take kids martial arts classes. Many decide to study as the result of an encounter with a bully, and while they do learn how to defend themselves, that’s only the beginning. Let’s look at some of the other intrinsic benefits to studying martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu at our self defense school in Denver.

Active Engagement

Our nation suffers from an obesity problem. Childhood diabetes is rising at an alarming rate. Self defense classes provide great exercise opportunities for kids. Mastering the martial arts makes one extremely fit. Kids gain flexibility, muscle tone and stamina. The martial arts exercise the whole body. Kids have so much fun learning self defense moves they don’t even realize they are exercising. Gym class only goes so far. Enroll them in a self defense course that will truly push the boundaries of their bodies and minds.

Learn How to Take a Hit

Denver self defense training teaches a child how to take a hit, whether that’s a kick to the ribs or simply the disappointment that goes with the struggle of living. Life is hard, and fortune is rocky. Failure is part of the journey on the road to success. Through studying a style like Jiu Jitsu, kids learn how to get back up after they’ve been hit. They learn to protect themselves. They learn to kick back harder.

Learn How to Breathe

Since when did the local gym teach how-to courses on breathing? But learning to breathe is an essential component of the martial arts, one that’s central to how one does in a fight. Breathing correctly is essential in mastering any physical art, whether that be self defense, basketball, singing or dancing. By studying self defense, kids learn the art of breathing so they can relax under pressure and respond with lightning quick reflexes.

These are just a few of the benefits of kids martial arts classes at Katharo Training Center’s Jiu Jitsu School in Denver. Enroll your child today. Kids will learn to conquer not only their bodies but their minds. They’ll discover things about themselves they never thought possible.

Martial Arts’ Most Effective Self Defense Targets

When it comes to using Denver martial arts in a serious situation of self-defense, don’t hold back. It’s either hurt or be hurt. Some of the most effective parts of the body to strike include the eyes, knees, nose, groin, ears, legs, and neck. Eyes can be gouged, scratched or poked. Aside from causing a lot of pain, this can temporarily blind your attacker to give you a chance to get away and avoid further fighting. Noses should be struck with the heel of the palm, with the weight of the body thrown in for force. Knees and groin can be easily and quickly kicked without risk of your foot being grabbed. Once a good strike is landed, run.