Colorado Children Empowered by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

There is so much in life that tells children they have to be the best; get more, do more, be more than those around you, and you win… or so much of our culture would have children believe. Even our educational systems too often end up inadvertently pitting students against each other when it comes to things like group projects or allowing children to choose who they want on their team in gym class. Kids who aren’t fastest or the best in the class get sidelined and even teased or bullied.

Luckily, there are institutions where kids have an opportunity to unlearn some of these unhealthy cultural norms, and Katharo Training Center is one of them. We build strong hearts, minds, and spirits to go with the strength building of the body that is innate to the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Here, we support healthy competition where even the smallest participant can overpower a larger adversary by using the techniques we teach. We build confidence and character, and our community is like a family. If you’re looking for a healthy outlet for your child in the form of a local martial arts class for kids, come out and observe one of our classes; talk to our teachers; talk to the parents of our students. We know you’ll see through to our heart.

Denver-Area Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Community Facilitates Wellness

Wellness begins with the motivation to be well. Once you feel that spark inside of you, you need to surround yourself with people, places, and activities that support your wellness goals. Katharo Training Center is a place where wellness goals and achievable wellness results meet. We will support you in creating strength, balance, and confidence both inside and outside so that you can bring your best self back out into the world when you leave our classes each day. We want you to succeed, and we’re here to show you how. If you’re ready to commit to your own wellbeing, we’ve got a whole community of people ready to cheer you on.