Area Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Builds Confidence, Teaches Self Defense

Based on the teachings of Grandmaster Helio Gracie, founder of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial arts style, Katharo Training Center Colorado offers authentic learning experiences to adults and children alike. Located just south of Denver in Littleton, CO, the academy teaches people of all ages to use easy-to-learn, natural body movements in conjunction with timing and leverage to overcome a stronger and larger opponent. The idea is to empower even those who are smaller in stature or physically weaker than another to build confidence through learning a highly effective form of practical self defense.

Dojo Offers Direct BJJ Lineage from Gracie

Katharo Training Center founder and head instructor Steve Hordinski takes his lineage directly from Relson Gracie, Helio Gracie’s son. His teaching style reflects the original form of this powerful martial art, as well as conveying wisdom in the form of respect, honor, discipline, courage, commitment, and family values. Steve teaches actively at the dojo as well as bringing anti-bullying and self-defense seminars to the community. If you are looking for classes in BJJ in Denver, Katharo Training Center can help you get started. Transform your life by aligning body, soul, and spirit in this incredible practice. Children can feel more confident and unafraid around bullies. Adults can feel safer and more secure if faced with a physical confrontation.

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Autism

Did you know about the surprising benefits martial arts like Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do can have for children with autism? A lot of it comes from the repetitive movements that are a natural part of martial arts training. Studies have shown studying martial arts can significantly reduce repetitive movements as well as create greater social empathy. Play skills are improved. Social abilities are strengthened. And like all children, they’ll learn self-confidence and discipline they’ll carry throughout their entire lives. Stop in at Katharo Training Center, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school near Easton, and talk to an instructor about how martial arts training can help your child’s development.