Littleton Tae Kwon Do is based on an ages-old form of martial arts from Korea. It is termed a “striking art,” signifying its use of punches and kicks to an opponent. In contrast, Gracie Jiu Jitsu rarely uses conventional strikes. An opponent is subdued much more gracefully with choke and strangle holds and body locks- such as armbars, kneebars and wrist locks. Another large difference is that Tae Kwon Do in Denver is a “stand-up/standing” martial art, as compared to jiu jitsu usually being a form of ground fighting, or grappling. Most action in Brazilian jiu jitsu takes place on the ground, or in close proximity to an attacker. Further, tae kwon do has evolved to be an athletic sport with heavy emphasis on competition and success within the rules of a sporting event.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Much More Effective Self-Defense

As the most renowned form of effective self defense, Gracie Jiu Jitsu does not adhere to rigid sporting rules, unlike many other Tae Kwon Do schools. All actions are considered as to whether they are effective in a real world self defense context, not whether a competitor will be scoring more points to bring the school more trophies. If a move places one in harm’s way in an actual fight, it will not be taught or practiced. Similarly, there is an economy of movement and form, calculated to bring down an attacker quickly, gracefully and with finality.

Various Varieties of Jiu Jitsu in Colorado

If you are searching for jiu jitsu in Colorado you might not be aware that there are various varieties. When most people refer to jiu jitsu today they are likely not referring to classical Japanese jujitsu, which is quite different, but rather to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is the most widely available and currently popular. Within the Brazilian style, jiu jitsu has a variety of lineages and emphases. The most well-known lineage is that of the Gracie family, though there are a large number of Gracie family members today, many with their own emphasis and/or combination of styles. Meanwhile, other lineages and styles may emphasize self defense, while others emphasize the growing sport of competition BJJ.