As parents, we all want to do what we can to protect our children. We well know that Littleton bullying is a valid problem that has long lasting consequences for our bullied children. Certainly, being proactive and unyielding to bully pressure has come a long way in this generation. Parents no longer put up with bullying and teach their children to do the same. This seems to hold true in schools and other social institutions as well. But of course, we would be fooling ourselves to think that an adult figure can always be on hand, or that threats and/or education is going to stop all bullying. Similarly, what occurs when the bullying starts, before authority figures learn that there is a problem, if indeed they even do? The first line of defense against a bully is your child. Can they protect themselves when needed?

The Last Line of Defense for the Picked-On

If your child is being picked on but he or she knows self defense, does not show himself or herself to be an easy target, and can stand their ground when all else fails, then your child can become the first and last line of defense.

Jiu Jitsu Based on the Founder

Jiu jitsu in Colorado comes in a variety of flavors. One can divide the differing schools into an emphasis on self defense versus sport jiu jitsu, for instance. Or a focus on gi versus nogi training. Or on one lineage (line or “family tree” of instructors) versus another. At Katharo Training Center, we teach our students the lessons learned and codified by BJJ founder and grandmaster Helio Gracie. With a heavy emphasis on self defense and practical fighting skills, our academy adheres to the original source of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In fact, the academy’s namesake is the son of Helio Gracie himself.