When one reads the professional background of the Relson Gracie Academy in Denver (Gracie Colorado) one can quickly discern a short and direct lineage with the original masters of the art. From the Brazilian originator himself, Helio Gracie, to his son and world-class fighter Relson Gracie, to owner and head instructor Steve Hordinski, the torch of this masterfully original, highly effective martial art has been passed. The pure form of this art has not been lost through the vagaries of time and whim. Specializing in Jiu jitsu in Denver, our school is blessed to be able to study from such a direct and strong link to the originator himself.

Ancient Traditions Passed Along

Our martial arts academy continues to pass along the original instruction and methodology of the Gracie family at Gracie Colorado. Under the banner, instruction and watchful eye of Relson Gracie, Gracie Colorado continues the excellence and unadulterated form of grandmaster Helio Gracie. This lineage is acknowledged with great honor, pride and respect. It is a respect for such a singular and exceedingly effective martial art, and the historic legacy of that art and lifestyle, that Gracie Colorado continually strives to pass along to students today. It is a legacy that is alive and being nurtured right here in Denver. Denver martial arts will never be the same.

BJJ for Health and Safety

Jiu jitsu has blossomed staggeringly in recent years. Myriad schools have opened their doors in an attempt to satiate this growing appetite for one of the world’s most effective martial arts. Undoubtedly of varying quality, schools have various talent and provide for various end goals. As a result, BJJ in Denver can mean many things. At Katharo Training Center, we view Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and in specific, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, as a life-long lifestyle. A belt or win is not an end goal, but rather part of the lifetime journey within jiu jitsu. For us, BJJ is not simply a collection of techniques, but rather an experience and mindset that guides in many situations, martial or not.