The states of Hawaii and California are deservedly famous for their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors and pupils. However, right here in the Centennial State the world of Jiu Jitsu is growing and improving every day. Many of the brightest and most talented instructors that have received their training in the Pacific states, are finding our mountainous Colorado to be an extraordinary place to live, train and teach, many of whom are returning home after numerous years of training abroad. And so as luck would have it for us residents, we can reap the benefits of this migration of high level skills and credentials to our rarefied mountain home. Jiu Jitsu in Colorado will elevate your life.

Martial Arts’ Popularity Grows Every Day

Though martial arts schools are now firmly established in the Rocky Mountain State, you too can become part of the increasing number that benefit tremendously from learning and applying Gracie Jiu Jitsu. More and more people are attracted to this martial art as the benefits are so evident: from its use in the octagon for professional mixed martial arts, to its efficacy in applied self defense, to its caliber as a workout routine, to its instruction of humility and discipline for young and old alike. The popularity of self defense training continues to grow for good reason.

BJJ Provides an Array of Fighting Skills

The Katharo Training Center focuses on the foundation laid forth by grandmaster and founder Helio Gracie, with a strong emphasis on real-world and practical self defense. However, that does not mean that the academy is not open to effective skills brought from other disciplines, or that students may not spend extra time on an area of personal interest. For example, many students come from a wrestling background and can provide training to other students in classic wrestling take downs. Others may have studied classical Judo and can share Judo techniques. Katharo BJJ in Littleton can provide you with an array of fighting skills.