What an amazing opportunity to be able to live in a comfortable suburban setting, and yet learn the most powerful form of martial art practiced in the world. Derived from the ancient fighting techniques of the Japanese samurai and perfected and made efficient in the mean streets of Brazil, Gracie Jiu Jitsu is likely the most effective form of martial art available today. From Brazil itself and the original teachings of the founder, Helio Gracie, to his son Relson Gracie, to Gracie Colorado founder Steve Hordinski, the authentic teachings thrive and find root in Colorado soil.

Martial Arts from a World Class Professional

Gracie Colorado founder Steve Hordinski trained directly under a son of Helio Gracie, the founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu himself. Steve’s record speaks volumes with its countless wins and submissions over world class grapplers from around the globe. His passion and love for this art is passed along to his students and fellow teachers, expecting and instilling the best that this unique art can offer. As his students progress, they often find themselves in the role of instructor, passing along the wisdom and experience that they have garnered. Try Highlands Ranch Jiu Jitsu for yourself. You will likely find that you just began the first step in the journey of a lifetime.

Brilliant Denver BJJ Move: How to Escape a Mount

When your opponent is on top, they have all the power and you have nothing. It’s important to turn the tables as quickly as possible. One effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu maneuver is the Mount Escape. Sit up, grabbing their head with one hand and the back of their arm with the other. Leaning back, pull them down towards you. Set up their roll by gripping their wrist and moving your foot to the outside of the leg on the side of the arm that you’ve trapped so their leg is also entrapped. Extend your hips and follow through to roll your opponent and gain the upper hand.