Katharo Training center is a world-class training facility. “Katharo” is the greek word for ‘pure’ which reflects just how close to the Gracie family our Jiu Jitsu comes from.

What type of amenities do we offer?

  • We have an approximately 6,000 sq.ft. facility to house your martial arts and fitness needs.
  • We offer locker rooms with showers, private bathrooms, and a steam room in each of the spaces.
  • Our mats are top of the line. They utilizes a 14 lb. multiple foam density technology that provides the ultimate shock absorption and impact protection for throws and takedowns. Its firm, tatami-textured vinyl surface allows for fast movement while providing sure footing for superior overall performance. It also features an anti-skid bottom for stability.  They are very safe and effective.
  • We host an attendance card tracking system, which allows you to be able to track your attendance and workouts along your journey.
  • We have a “Kids Zone” that is a matted room for your children to hang out in after their class.  They can play there or do homework.  It is near the mats so you can take class knowing they are safe, just a few feet away.
  • We have a dedicated viewing area for guests and family members to relax and enjoy watching the classes.  This area also has a private bathroom for our guests!
  • We have a private mat room, which allows us to have onboarding introductory lessons, host private lessons, teach intimate one-on-one sessions, or develop leadership training with one of our experienced coaches.
  • We have a pro-shop for all of your martial arts needs.  If you are looking for a new uniform, clothing, literature, or something unique, we have it all.  We also have access to order custom merchandise for you as well.


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Come out and try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Children and adults alike will benefit from the confidence-building art form that teaches you how to leverage your body weight—no matter how small—to overcome a much larger opponent. Strengthen your body while strengthening your spirit! Our warm community of students and teachers will show you why BJJ has become a lifelong commitment for so many. People from all walks of life can benefit from this practice, and we encourage you to come and find out for yourself what a difference Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can make for you.