In the early 20th Century, Helio and Carlos Gracie, who would become the founders and early developers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, learned Judo from a leading Judo proponent and disciple by the name of Mitsuyo Maeda. Known (incorrectly) as jujitsu in Brazil, Judo was a new martial art at the time developed in Japan by Jigoro Kano. This discipline was a close descendent from the ancient samurai martial art known as jujitsu (now, Japanese Jujitsu). This legacy, from ancient samurai warriors, to “restoration Japan,” to the mean streets of Brazil, carried with it the use of the Kimono, known as a Gi in Brazil. The tradition continues with most Gracie training, particularly classical Gracie schools, using the gi in every class. For this reason, jiu jitsu gi training is often synonymous with Gracie oriented schools, or at least classical Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Colorado Jiu Jitsu Gi Training at the Relson Gracie Academy

With a martial arts lineage so close and direct to the original Gracie brothers, Relson Gracie Academy excels in jiu jitsu gi training in Colorado. And though our instructors are immersed in the classical styles which incorporate the gi, at times we also practice no-gi to expand our skills and proficiencies for no-gi competition or MMA