When searching for the right Jiu Jitsu school for your unique wants and needs you might find that some schools lack clarity in their goals and orientations. With so much current demand for Jiu Jitsu in Colorado and new schools popping up overnight with instructors of various qualifications, schools often uproot with every perceived popular trend- cashing in on the latest. Relson Gracie Colorado strives to accommodate the differing goals and aspirations of its students in Denver, but steadfastly adheres to the teachings of the Gracie family. Original Gracie principles such as realistic self defense, practicality of movement, universal access, and a holistically healthy lifestyle are never forgotten. Trends and popular inclinations may come and go, but the Gracie method is everlasting.

BJJ in Denver with Vision.

Under the auspices of professor Steve Hordinski, Relson Gracie Colorado offers BJJ that is grounded in worthwhile tradition and has a vision for the future. Professor Hordinski envisions ever expanding access to jiu jitsu for all- regardless of falsely presumed limiting factors such as age, gender or ability, or whether one is interested in competition or self defense. The social benefits of Gracie Jiu Jitsu are significant and can create a cohesive community of healthier individuals.

MMA in Denver Growing as Martial Arts Students Grow

Mixed martial arts athletes in the Mile High City are growing more and more competitive, both locally and nationally. They are taking their skill set to the next level by increasing proficiencies in ground fighting, self defense and stand-up. Students of the long-practiced Oriental arts know the capital is a leader in MMA, but due to a well-rounded skill set that necessitates the effective art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo, Muay Thai, Karate and other “striking” arts can provide for part of the picture of a well-rounded and effective martial athlete, but will undoubtedly leave holes in your game. Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a complete performer.