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These are your introductory lessons that ground you in everything you need to know to move into our Fundamentals Program.  You will learn the basic movements, terminology, concepts, and understanding of Katharo Jiu-Jitsu.  These are performed in private to semi-private group settings with other beginners who are at the same level as yourself.  There are a minimum of 10 sessions with an instructor where you have to meet the benchmarks before joining the Fundamentals Program.  This is how you get your feet wet!

Youth Program:

Children. Young Adults.  Our future.  These are some of the most important members of our Academy.  They are the leaders that are out there in the schools, with their friends and families, who truly make a difference.

Families are the backbone of our team.  They come to us for a variety of reasons, and experience results, as well as unforeseen outcomes.  From self-discipline, confidence, self-defense, respect, integrity, being powerful, handling bullying, standing up for others, all the way to being fit and having fun, our youth program provides some amazing results.

Whatever you are looking for, for your family, we offer the coaching and experience to make a difference.  We are committed to you and your family, and we are excited to see you grow.  Our youth grow up inside of this Academy, and we are a family of our own right and are proud to contribute to building young men and women.

Youth Competition Training:

Just as the adults have a want to compete, many of our youth do as well.  Here, we provide a safe structure for them to grow and become confident in a fast paced environment.  We offer a fast paced class that is geared towards supporting our youth in sparring and competition-like situations.

youth program

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